epiphyte-servers (community)

the btrfs-maintain-monthly and zfs-scrub-monthly have been merged into a single timer disks-maintanence.timer


oragono (community)

the oragono package has been migrated from epiphyte community to auriphyte


opensc-git (auriphyte)

when issuing a pacman -Syyu you may see this

warning: opensc-git: local (0.18.0+rc2+1+g99eed0aa-1) is newer than auriphyte (0.18.0-1)

please issue a pacman -S opensc-git to correct this, you may see

warning: downgrading package opensc-git (0.18.0+rc2+1+g99eed0aa-1 => 0.18.0-1)

this is because of how PKGBUILDs are supposed to do versions for "-git" packages. 0.18.0+rc2 is actually < 0.18.0-1 because "0.18.0-1" is the actual release